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Industrial IoT

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Smart Utilities
IoT enhances economic development of a city & improves its residents quality of life.
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Smart Farming
IoT is ideal for greenhouses, hydrophonics, soil farming and landscaping.
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Waste Management
IoT enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources.
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Smart Cities

Its all about efficiency

Link971 leverages the power of IoT to make a City Smart. Together we enhance economic development, improve quality of life of residents and optimize the use of natural resources.

IoT makes everyone happier, at home or at work. Air Quality Sensors can measure things like Temperature, Humidity and CO2.
Irrigation based on data, soil moisture trigger. Water flow control, water tank temperature
Santandar Spain cut energy costs by as much as 25% and waste management cost by 20% by installing over 12,000 sensors around the city.
In San Francisco a network of sensors and cameras creates a smart corridor of 133 high tech signs communicating real time information positively impacting over a million commuters.
Sensor network can monitor water flow to ensure proper filtering of water, monitor filter replacement/cleaning, send alerts, reminders to maintenance department/company leading to cost savings and client happiness

IoT in Traffic Control

Better for Everyone

Pollution Control

With 2021 targets clearly set,
we are able to measure the pollution levels
and inform traffic calming accordingly

Noise Control

Pollution is not limited to Emissions.
IoT can measure other parameters such as noise,
leading to a healthier environment for all our Citizens

Light Control

IoT Traffic Counters measure the flow of traffic,
the associated air quality and adjusts speed limits
to meet pollution targets

Traffic Control

Measuring the flow of traffic,
and the air quality associated,
and adjusting speed limits to change the pollution output

IoT in Transportation benefits all residents and workers. Innovative, Smart mobility solutions enable a seamless and safe transportation experience in the Emirate, with everyone enjoying a higher quality of life. It is not just about cars and freight –  by boosting the use of public and shared transportation less is time spent commuting, helping residents and visitors reach their destinations safer, faster, and happier.

Smart Metering

Water | Gas | Electricity

Customer Benefits

IoT efficiency translates to happy customers: Water and electricity Outages are immediately sensed; and recovered – Fast. Customers also appreciate being able to monitor their utility consumption, making their choices based on reliable, true information.

Commercial Benefits

Water is a valuable commodity, especially in the UAE.
IoT enables leaks in water and electricity networks to be rapidly and precisely located – minimizing losses and downtime.

Smart Warehousing

IoT Increases Safety & Productivity

IoT is ideal for Warehousing. Our sensors can monitor your workflow. When a Delivery Truck arrives, staff are informed and loading bay doors are opened automatically. This saves time, and reduces the impact on the interior climate of your warehouse. Sensors also monitor air quality to preserve the integrity of your inventory. All these factors mean that you can guarantee storage conditions and stock control.

Smart Agriculture, Irrigation & Landscaping

IoT is the way forward

IoT is ideal for greenhouses, hydrophonics, soil farming and landscaping. Various sensors can be used to measure the composition and flow, of water and soil.

IoT in Waste Management

Saving time and money

20th Century: Working by the Clock

One size fits all scheduling
Scheduled pickup results in unoptimized routes
Higher Fuel & Manpower Costs
Pest and health issues
Visual and Environmental pollution
More Complaints: Unhappy Citizens

21st Century: Working Smart

Collection when needed
Optimized routes based on realtime data and traffic aware
Fuel and manpower savings
Smart sensors reduce environmental impact
Area quality and environmental early warning sensors
Reduce customer complaints: Happy Citizens

IoT enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources . This is done by deploying wireless ultrasonic sensors to waste containers, and using the data intelligence to drive operational efficiencies including optimized routes, asset tracking and cost analysis.

If we measure it, we can manage it

Farm Costs Drop by 34%
Source: Business Insider
Up to 90% Waste Collection Efficiency
Landscaping benefits: Water savings, Vegetation & Irrigation Monitoring,
Building Efficiency 10% - 25%

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